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ACID BALANCE neutralizes excessive lactic acid build up in the blood and muscle tissues and replenishes,...

AD3E is indicated for treatment and prevention of deficiencies of the vitamins A, D3 and/or E

Vitamin A increases resistance to infections and supports health, growth and fertility.

Treatment and prevention of respiratory problems in all animals.

Stimulates liver metabolism and increases bile production and pancreatic enzyme, Plays a vital role in lipid metabolism.

Stimulates the appetite, Prevention of respiratory problems, Effective aerial and water disinfection, Prevention of sneezing, coughing, cold, flu.

Increases hatchability, Increase eggs production, Feed and drug toxification, Control of early chick mortality, Heat and vaccine stress inhibitor

Dina Renal is strongly indicated for nephritis, kidney and liver disease detoxification, water, belly, dehydration, stress conditions in imbalance feeding, heat stroke & transportation, kidney insufficiencies.

Used to stimulate liver metabolism and increases bile production and pancreatic enzymes.

Prevention or treatment of vitamin and amino acid deficiencies in farm animals, prevention or treatment of stress.

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