Joining the joyful atmosphere of women everywhere, on the morning of March 8, at the office of Thien Quan Joint Stock Company, the program of gifting employees to celebrate International Women’s Day 8/3 took place in the same meaning.
March is the month of honoring “half of the world” celebrating women with International Women’s Day on March 8 every year. In Thien Quan, the Board of Directors always acknowledged and appreciated the spirit of hard work, continuous efforts and essential contributions to the company’s development in recent times. No matter what position and in any role, women always stand side by side with the whole company to best complete the assigned tasks.
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Thien Quan Joint Stock Company would like to send to the female officers and employees of the affectionate, respectful company and best wishes. Wishing you always be healthy, happy, full of happiness and success at work, always side by side with the company to success and prosperity!

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