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Prevention and treatment of diarrhea: fowl cholera, bloody stools, dysentery,...Respiratory diseases.

Treatment of respiratory diseases, pneumonia, tracheal inflammation, pasteurellosis in livestock and poultry, treatment of intestinal diseases.

The respiratory infections and digestion by the bacteria sensitise to cefalexin and oxytetracycline caused on livestock and poultry.

For treatment of infections caused by micro-organisms susceptible to Oxytetracycline, like infections of the respiratory tract , ...

Calves: pasteurellosis, complications of the digestive and respiratory system viral diseases,enzootic pneumonia.

Reduces dehydration and replaces the loss of electrolytes due to high fever caused by diseases or high temperature.

Increase the body resistance Detoxicate and maintain the hepatic function

Symptomatic treatment of fever in the context of respiratory diseases in combination with an appropriate anti infective therapy.

Sterile Saline Solution is a replacement therapy for sodium, chloride and water which may become depleted during illness.

Special treatment of types of endoparasites and flukes in poultry, livestock

Prevention or treatment of vitamin and amino acid deficiencies in farm animals, prevention or treatment of stress.

- Increases eggs production and hatchability. - Improves feed efficiency & weight gain.

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