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Used for the prevention and treatment of anemia and vitamin B deficiency

For treatment of infectious forms of arthritis caused by organisms sensitive to Lincomycin

Treatment and prevention of respiratory problems in all animals.

Stimulates liver metabolism and increases bile production and pancreatic enzyme, Plays a vital role in lipid metabolism.

BIOSTRESS has been formulated to deal with the day to day deficiencies encountered in poultry..

In combination with anti-infective diseases for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Stimulates the appetite, Prevention of respiratory problems, Effective aerial and water disinfection, Prevention of sneezing, coughing, cold, flu.

Treatment of infections caused by Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacteria and Mycoplasma in livestock and poultry

Prevention and treatment of diseases caused by calcium deficiency, anemia, paralysis in cattle and poultry.

Prevention and treatment of disease caused by calcium deficiency, anemia, polio in cattle and poultry.

For prevention and treatment of calcium and magnesium deficiency and metabolism disorders in cattle.

For the prevention and treatment deficiencies of these elements in cattle, horses and poultry

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