The field of the animal’s pharmaceutical industry is developing strongly in Vietnam

Cập nhật: 28/10/2015

Nowaday, the field of the animal’s pharmaceutical industry is developing strongly in Vietnam. Thien Quan Company proud to be one of the factory WHO- GMP standard Veterinary prestigious with the entire system of factories equipped with modern and modern laboratory.

The use of veterinary medicine correctly huge affect economic efficiency and profitability of livestock producers. Therefore Veterinary medicine must be ensure the quality of the entire production process from raw materials to finished goods, during storage and circulation and distribution to consumers.

System of Thien Quan laboratories is built with fully functional areas like testing area physical chemistry, microbiology, chemistry ... and there are fully equipped with modern equipment, modern pharmaceuticals such as: high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), automatic titration, spectrophotometers, ... according with international standards, "good laboratory practice" (GLP). The test method is standardized by the technicians are trained in various specialties: livestock - veterinary and fishery, chemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology to ensure their results experience the highest precision.

Thien Quan company is manufacturing veterinary products and aquatic veterinary drugs: veterinary medicine, animal’s pharmaceutical, antibiotics, vitamins, premixes, enzymes, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, probiotics, treatment environment for livestock-poultry, fish and shrimp. Our main aim is become a business partner and economic efficiency for all customers domestic and international.
The challenge for customers and partners is to have high quality products, diversification and suitable with Vietnam’s livestock industry. Looking forward to be a strong partner and professional partners and potential customers, we get manufacture veterinary pharmaceutical formulations available and as per requires of customer and create advantages conditions for the exclusive distribution customers products with prestigious brand Thien Quan.

With slogan “Always on the top”, we always have high quality products and aftermarket business policies attractive to customers and dealers of the company.

Exclusive distribution products Thien Quan is a potential business opportunity and the right choice for the pharmaceutical industry investors.

Wishing to bring customer satisfaction and quality, the staff of Thien Quan company is trained professional, considerate and conscientious. We are ready to noted, listen and answer any feedbacks, comments of customers in the process of trading, sales and use of company products.

Just contact hotline: +84 939 78 00 78 or emai: thienquanjsc79@gmail.com, all comments will be answered in the shortest time by employees of our company.

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